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P10.1: Arviset, Christophe
Christophe Arviset (ESA-ESAC)
Deborah Baines (QUASAR for ESA)
Guido de Marchi (ESA)
Beatriz Martinez (RHEA for ESA)
Bruno MerĂ­n (ESA)
Juan Gonzalez, SERCO for ESA Elena Racero, SERCO for ESA Jesus Salgado, QUASAR for ESA

Theme: Databases and Archives: Challenges and Solutions in the Big Data Era
Title: ESA Science Archives and ESASky

The ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC), located at ESAC, Madrid, Spain, hosts all science archives from more than 20 ESA space science missions, and various more are in preparation. Data across the full electromagnetic spectrum can be obtained through individual astronomy archives for Gaia, XMM-Newton, Herschel, HST, Planck, ISO, EXOSAT and more recently from Lisa PathFinder as well. Furthermore, ESASky is an open science web application providing full access to the entire sky as observed by all ESA and partners astronomy missions. The Planetary Science Archive offers a one-stop source for data from all ESA planetary missions (Rosetta, Mars Express, Exomars TGO, Venus Express, Huygens and Giotto). In addition, the heliophysics science archives provide access to data from Soho, Cluster, Ulysses, Proba-2, Double Start and ISS-SolACES.

Link to PDF (may not be available yet): P10-1.pdf